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Defqon officially has the T5 Raid - The Eye on farm!
09/21/2015 09:37 PM by Malwarda.

Hello my fello' guildmembers.

I'm proud to acknowledge and announce this.
Defqon had their first raid this sunday. Or should I say the first raid after it has been reformed as a result of the guild "Caustic Guardians" disbanding. '
We ventured through The Eye and killed every single boss with ease(Mermaiden). So far, there are no challenges on the server that our guild are not able to conqueror and seize!
The Eye is on farm and we're all waiting for patch .99 to be released! We should have about 15 players attuned for T6 and ready for T6 but we'll need more players for T6-T10.
As for that, we're so happy to see our core raiding group growing and remaining stabile. This is a proof of the courage, patience, support and interests that our Defqon raiders have in their hearts.


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